Gareth Emery – Tokyo (K Theory Remix)

April 9, 2012

With the release of his record setting single “Tokyo” hitting #1 on Beatport’s Top 100 Trance Charts, Gareth Emery marks another milestone in an almost incredulous list of musical accomplishments, a roster that would make any artist dizzy. Alongside his multiple world tours & appearances at dance music’s largest venues, the veteran producer DJ, one-man-army of sounds has appointed two San Francisco audio engineers to remix one of dance music’s biggest tracks in recent history. K Theory steps into a global spotlight with their apocalyptic remix of “Tokyo”. As Gareth himself has said:

“One of the most positive things about the scene over the past few years has been the gradual breaking down of genre barriers and the cross-pollination of sounds.”  via Gareth Emery Facebook

The haunting vocals from Gareth’s original production, layered against the epic’s playful melodies, echo throughout masterfully woven K Theory percussion. Crowds will find themselves lost in this stunning collaboration, with the release on powerhouse label Garuda, Gareth Emery & K Theory offer listeners an incredible aural dreamworld from the reigning kings & princes of EDM.

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