K Theory – Good & Gone + The Observer

January 25, 2012

One part wild west, two parts earthquake, three drops sultry piano melodies, and a healthy heavy-handed dose of K Theory is the secret recipe for Simplify Recording’s newest, ready to serve release, the “Good & Gone + The Observer” single. A crafted redefinition of their iconic west coast glitch & blues sound, we find K Theory once again breaking auditory barriers, reshaping themselves as masters of their funk-filled bass domain. Gritty blues harmonies are brought to life complimenting raspy guitar riffs echoing through the soundscape, while all is laid perfectly against a backdrop of soul moving basslines. A clever collaboration with Blunt Instrument on “The Observer” rounds out the total package of ghetto bounce and glitched-out goodness. Let K Theory take you into their world where big sounds are law, everyone is welcome to as much rhythm as they can handle, and everything you hear makes you want to move.




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